Book Review Policy

Preferred book genres:
– historical fiction
– fantasy (favourite)
– science fiction
– young adult (favourite)
– dystopian

Book genres I DO NOT accept:
– non-fiction
– biographies
– horror
– erotica

Preferred book format:
I prefer physical copies of books. If you send me an e-book, I only read kindle copies. I will not accept any other form of ebook.

Review information:
If you give me a book to review I will most likely post a review. If I am unable to finish the book, I will contact you and let you know. I will be completely honest in my reviews. I give every book the review that I think it deserves. If the book is an arc, I’ll make sure that the review is posted on the month of the release. I ask that I receive the book a 2-3 months in advance so I can read it properly and so I can give the book the review it deserves. If I don’t receive a book in this timeframe, I may have to reschedule the review a few weeks later. I will post my review on here, GoodReads and Amazon. When I post the review, I will share the links to my instagram accounts which have 1000+ followers and 35,000+ followers. If a book isn’t an arc, I will post a review within a month of receiving the book.

Book review format:
Each book review will include the following:
– the synopsis.
– how I felt about the book.
– Whether the book was written well or not.
– The pace of the book (slow or fast)
– If it was easy to understand or not.
– A conclusion statement saying whether I enjoyed it or not.
– A recommendation if I liked the book.

If I didn’t enjoy the book, I’ll include some things that I thought that could’ve been improved, for example if it was slow paced I’d recommend to include more action or less dialogue in some places.

Contact details:
The best way to contact me would be via email. My email address is I respond to most requests. If your book fits into a genre that I don’t read, then I won’t review your book. I have a wide range of genres that I read so this shouldn’t be a problem.

Rating system:
5 stars- The book was perfect!! I loved everything about it!!! I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone!
4 stars- There were a few flaws but it was a great book!
3 stars- I liked the book but there a quite a few things that could’ve been improved that were hard to overlook.
2 stars- It was okay. It was nothing great but I can see why others may like it.
1 star- I really disliked it. I struggled to finish it.
0 stars- I really hated this book. It was a waste of time reading.