2017 Bookish Resolutions!

Hey Everyone!

Happy New Year! I can’t believe that it is 2017.

This year is going to be a very interesting year. I am graduating from school! I am still in shock about that. I’m starting to think about universities and what I want to do with my life and even though I am an adult (though I haven’t been for long), it still feels really weird.

Any way, enough about my emotions when it comes to school and life. Lets get onto the actual posts which is my bookish resolutions for 2017. I got this idea from Amy @ Shoutame. Her video is really good so I definitely recommend watching her video as well.

Anyway, onto the post. Here are my 2017 bookish resolutions.

1. Read 52 Books

As I did during 2016, I’m going to set my reading goal to 52 books again. I did reach 52 books quite easily last year but this coming year is going to be quite busy with school and work, along with applying to universities and planning a holiday at the end of the year which will be a reward for graduating school. I reached 52 books last year by August so I am definitely comfortable with this goal.

2. Read more Classics

This year, I definitely want to read more classics. For my 18th birthday, I received a bind up edition of seven of Jane Austen’s works. I’m hoping to read the entire bind up by the end of this year. I also plan to read part of the Iliad and Odessy as well as The Rise and Fall of Athens which is one of my text books for school this year.

3. Complete four unfinished series on my shelf

This year I really want to focus on finishing any unfinished series on my shelf. I have four series in particular which I really want to finish which includes The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare, The Winners Trilogy by Marie Rutkoski, Daughter of Smoke & Bone Trilogy by Lani Taylor and The Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan. Whether I will actually get to all these books, I’m not entirely sure but I am going to try. If I do read all these this year, I will be able to put a sizeable dent into my tbr pile which will be good.

4. Read at least one contemporary book per month.

This is one resolution which I may not complete but I am really hoping that I will. At this current moment, I own about 9 contemporary books which I haven’t read. I know that I will aquire around 3 to 4 during 2017 but I will probably aquire more. Hopefully by reading a contempoary book a month, I will be able to take all my contemporary books off my tbr pile.

5. Post at least twice a week on here.

Lastly, I will be trying to post on here at least two times a week. I will be having small breaks during exams and I may allow myself to post less during the period of time coming up to exams. Other than that, I will try to post regularly. I do have a free line on Monday mornings so I will probably write my blog posts during that time.

So, those are my bookish resolutions for 2017. I will be posting updates throughout the year so stay tuned for that.

Do you guys have any resolutions for this year? Comment below because I’d love to know.

I hope that you all have a wonderful day and that you have a wonderful 2017 full of happiness and good fortune. Thank you to each and everyone of you for making this year just that little bit better for me. evryone was so kind this year, welcoming me into this community. I can’t wait for another year with you all.



2 thoughts on “2017 Bookish Resolutions!

  1. storiesandspoons says:

    I want to really get into blogging more regularly and becoming a part of the community by talking to other bloggers! I want to read more classics and poetry as well!


  2. Bec says:

    This is awesome, good luck on all of them!! I still need to finish Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor too, oops. And my reading goal this year revolves around Project 5! Less book buying for me, I hope! 🙂


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